Watch It Backwards

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When you watch Avengers backwards it’s about a group of superheroes who fail at stopping an alien invasion and then all of the heroes begin to fight amongst themselves and split off from each other to do their own individual movies

If you watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it’s about a man who ages normaly but lives in a world where everyone ages backwards.

If you watch Willy Wonka backwards it’s about a young boy who gives a creepy hospital to an old guy. The old guy then heals a bunch of kids with strange conditions, and the young boy, regretting the mistake reverts into poverty. Also, he throws a coin into the snow.

It you watch Cloud Atlas backwards, it’s about six souls who steadily lost hope for the world and the human race, eventually becoming racist, narrow-minded dorks.

If you watch American Beauty backwards it’s about a guy who stops smoking pot, exercising, and quits his job at the fast food restaurant to get married, and work a 9-5 job, and let himself go, until he has to jerk off in the shower every morning.

If you watch Titanic backwards, it’s about a ship that comes out of the water and saves drowning people.

If you watch Carrie backwards, it’s a story about a blood covered girl who manages to date a popular guy and then turn herself into a geek. All of that without having her period yet. 

If you watch Shutter Island backwards, Leonardo DiCaprio is still bat shit crazy. 

If you watch Pulp Fiction backwards, it’s still out of order.

If you watch Captain Phillips backwards, it’s about a man aboard a US Navy ship who goes into so much shock that the crew throw him aboard a lifeboat with pirates, and spend ages making sure he doesn’t get back. They even call in several warships and a helicopter to help with this, as well as an armed SEAL team who have their rifles trained on him.

The pirates then reunite him with his crew after healing his cuts and bruises, put the rest of the crew away to the lower parts of the cargo ship so they are safe and sound, then leave.

A day later, they come back to check the crew are okay, then leave for good.