Watch It Backwards

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If you watch Troy backwards, it’s about Paris’s girlfriend leaving him in favor of her ex-husband while all the Greek soldiers help repair a country damaged from war, revive all the people killed in it, and sail back to Greece after making a truce. 


If you watch the “THIS IS SPARTA!” scene backwards, it’s about a man named Spartacus who uses his magnet sandals to pull an African American man from a pit, and proceeds to have a long chat with him.

If you watch Apocalypse Now backwards, its about a man who is sent from his his home in the jungle, along the way he makes some new friends and lets them into his boat, until eventually he is kidnapped by government men and locked in a hotel room where he slowly becomes a crazed alcoholic.

If you watch Barry Lyndon backwards, it is about a rich man who returns from exile, grows back a leg, resurrects his son, reunites with his stepson, only to be divorced from his wife where he begins a long journey of humiliation and he eventually ends up as a penniless man in Ireland.

If you watch every episode of Wipeout backwards, it’s about a person who loses $50,000 just so 24 people can jump backwards out of water onto obstacles.

If you watch the 2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers season backwards, it’s about a team who starts the season with rookie Michael Carter-Williams returning his Rookie of the Year award, then the team loses 26 straight games, but ends the year on a high note by beating the Bulls, Wizards, and Heat in consecutive games.

If you watch baseball player Brian Wilson’s career backwards, it’s about a closing pitcher with the Los Angeles Dodgers who leaves the Dodgers for the San Francisco Giants, loses a World Series, has Tommy John surgery, loses another World Series, shaves his beard, costs Randy Johnson his 300th win, and eventually sings for Jeff Fassero, Barry Bonds, and Ray Durham, portraying Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, respectively.

If you watch Myspace backwards, it’s about an irrelevant social network that becomes with the biggest thing on the Internet.

When you watch Avengers backwards it’s about a group of superheroes who fail at stopping an alien invasion and then all of the heroes begin to fight amongst themselves and split off from each other to do their own individual movies

If you watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it’s about a man who ages normaly but lives in a world where everyone ages backwards.